Friday, May 15, 2015

18-year-old virgin who works with stunning, true real events unfolding - beware women - must see shocking video

People living in villages does not have enough money to buy apartments or villas or flats because they are poor and uneducated mostly. Some of the Fake Babas takes advantage of them and trap and cheat the women of the villages who does not have any big Flats into their web.

 This video shows the cunningness of the Fake man dressed like Baba and calls himself as so and he cheats the women of the village by kissing them in the public.This nonsense behaviour takes place in the village called proddutturu in the state Andhrapradesh. This village does not have any ig Apartments, Flats or Villas. But soon this place will also turn into a major Real Estate place for buying and selling land.


These women does not have a common sense doing such things with these fake babas.What if their husband sees these type of behaviour. Their husband may not own a Big 4BHK flat but he will definitely have some respect among the society. Necessary action should be taken by the government to get rid of these kind of criminals from the society.Then only the villages will develop so that the women could develop their common sense.

Then they will built some Big houses, Apartments but they cannot build a Beach house since it requires Beach which is not there. If they want one they could buy one Beach House in ECR. Ghost world media features ghost caught on camera and real ghost videos filmed in different parts of the world. Many ghost hunters capture scary ghost videos and paranormal activity in different Haunted house and we bring these ghost videos to you. Some entities haunt peoples with various paranormal activities.

Check paranormal activity, paranormal activity caught on camera and paranormal activity videos recorded by many ghost hunters. First they have to make their children to go to school and make them well educated. After they finish it they should make them get any degree and so that get a well placed job in a big company and buy a Apartment in heart of the cities. This is one of the way to eradicate these blind faiths among these village women.